Welcome to Water Delight

Est. 2012 in Brighton.

We’re kitchen and bathroom renovators who build high-end spaces to your design, on budget and on time. We care about perfectionism in our craft, respect for your home and your satisfaction. All without the usual ‘building site’ disruption.

Not just ‘another’ kitchen and bathroom building company

Water Delight exists for reasons beyond creating exceptional kitchens and bathrooms.

Business owner (and plumber), Alex Rahaman, noticed a common theme throughout his many years in the plumbing trade: the worry many customers expressed at having builders in their homes.

Proud of his trade and determined to give customers the building experience they deserve, Water Delight was established. Because while the result of a building project is the ‘dream’, the journey to get there needn’t be a nightmare.

That’s why we hand-select our tradespeople. Because to us, an invitation to work on your home is a privilege, not a right. That’s why we only pick the best of those we’ve worked with for years. Not just for their skills and experience (that’s a given), but for their outstanding track records in customer satisfaction and work ethics.

What does that mean for you?

Outstanding ‘floor to ceiling’ quality you’ll notice immediately

Always polite, always friendly, we strive to make our presence a pleasant one

Expert project management that keeps you in the loop, without the stress

Exceptional cleanliness with working facilities at the end of each day

All trades and materials are sourced by us, so you don’t have to

We’d love the chance to prove how positive your luxury renovation journey can be…

Who’s behind Water Delight?

A veteran of large-scale industrial plumbing sites, Alex learned his trade 25 years ago before honing his skills on the domestic side. Over the years, he’s built a highly successful business in the local area exclusively through hundreds/thousands of returning customers and on the merits of referrals.

Over that time, he’s worked with countless tradespeople around Sussex, developing strong working partnerships with people who share his passion for delivering exceptional service.
And they all share the same outlook on their work as Alex:
“The ultimate payoff isn’t the money, it’s the reaction of the customer at the end of a job. It’s priceless.”