Heating Solutions

Heating and plumbing are our stock and trade at Water Delight, so you know you’re getting reliable service and quality solutions, whether you need gas central heating, electric heating, or new-to-the-market greener options.
We’ll help you choose the right heating system for your home to help lower your energy bills, reduce your environmental impact and add a level of comfort you’ll wish you had all along.

“Water delight are always responsive and do a great job. I don’t use anybody else. There isn’t a job they haven’t been able to do so far and they maintain all of my boilers for gas safety certificates”

Only the best people for the job

All specialists have proven outstanding track records, delivering excellent customer satisfaction and the highest quality work – delivered on time and within budget.

Respect for you and your home

Exceptional cleanliness, respectful work ethics and strategic use of time minimise disruption to your home life and save you from the usual ‘building site’ stress.

Dedicated Point-of-Contact

No call centres or multiple contacts. Every job is overseen and quality-checked on-site by Company Director Alex Rahaman – you’ll always be in contact with the person in charge.

Heat your home. In style

Heating your home is an essential function – and it can look good too.

How? By providing you with fully integrated and minimally designed heating solutions that hide the unsightly pipework and appliances. And radiators that complement and incorporate into the style of your home rather than detract from it.

Choose from the most advanced heating controls, designed to minimise your energy use and kinder on your bank balance. Select a system that delivers the satisfying water pressure throughout your home or instant hot water throughout.

The best bit? Get guidance throughout the whole process, quick installation turnarounds and a competitive price.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is one of the most popular solutions we offer – and for good reason. It’s energy-efficient, sleek, adaptable to a range of flooring types and invisible – ideal if you don’t want radiators hogging wall space.

Underfloor heating can even be installed under wall tiles, wet-room shower areas, tiled shower seats and benches, making it far more versatile than any other solution out there.

Find out how we can bring you the comfort of underfloor heating…

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