A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Tiles for Your New Bathroom

March 13, 2024

Reading time: 8 minutes

When it comes to designing your dream bathroom, every detail matters. Choosing the right tiles can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.

In this guide, we’ll explore the key considerations for selecting the perfect tiles for your new luxury bathroom, with insights from our expert bathroom installers.

Bathroom tile design tips

Choosing a theme

Your bathroom is a personal space, and the tile choices should reflect your unique style. Consider what appeals to you and resonates with your preferences.

Choosing a cohesive theme really helps pave the way for an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. It’s also a useful starting place to what can be an overwhelming amount of choice.

Think about the room as a whole, ensuring that the tiles complement each other and contribute to the overall look and feel.

Bathroom themes

Below are some recent themes we’ve come across to help you get the ideas flowing. You can also view our project gallery, showing recent bathrooms we’ve installed across Brighton and Hove.

Spar inspired: Tranquil and calming design with blues, greys, greens and neutral colours. Natural materials and soft lighting.

Scandinavian: Simple, functional, and minimalistic design. Light colour palette and clean lines. Ivory, white, pearl and natural tiling.

Mediterranean: Warm and rustic design. Earthy tones, terracotta tiles and vibrant patterns.

Coastal Escape: Evoking the calmness of seaside living. Soft blues, whites, and sandy tones reminiscent of the ocean and beach. Nautical elements like stripes, anchors, and ropes. Weathered wood or driftwood accents.

Modern Industrial: Combining raw, urban elements with sleek finishes. Exposed brick walls or concrete floors. Metal fixtures and pipes. Neutral colours like grey, black, and metallics. Edison bulbs or industrial-style lighting fixtures.


Incoporating pattern 

When incorporating pattern into your bathroom, consider the scale and style of the patterns. Larger patterns can make a small bathroom feel more spacious, while intricate patterns can add a touch of elegance. Experimenting with geometric shapes, such as herringbone or chevron, can create an interesting focal point.

Tip: Opt for patterned tiles on the floor paired with plainer options on the walls. This combination adds visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Thinking about texture 

Though often pricier, ridged tiles offer a luxurious touch. The texture enhances the visual appeal and adds an additional layer of interest.

Ridged tiling on a large scale can add a striking effect to your room. We’ve seen everything from large sandy coloured floor to ceiling tiles, to dramatic slate grey tiles mimicking natural environments. There’s plenty of choice out there for this type of look and often the quality and durability is reflective of investment.

Where to find inspiration

Dive into the vast world of interior design websites, blogs, and social media platforms. Websites like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram are treasure troves of bathroom design inspiration, featuring a myriad of styles, trends, and innovative tile choices. Browse through curated collections, save your favourite images, and discover new ideas to incorporate into your own bathroom design.

Grout considerations

Grout is available in literally any colour you want and is another essential design feature to consider.

In can be incorporated to provide an array of different aesthetics. To obtain a more ‘solid wall’ effect with you tiles you may opt for grout and tile colour matching. Conversely choosing a contrasting colour to your tiles will make them stand out, especially when using dark and light tones.

On floor tiles we always recommend silver or grey grout instead of white, this helps minimize discoloration over time.

Grout quality can vary wildly, we recommend using a professional mould resistant brand. It’s best to discuss this with your installer or tile supplier before spending money on the wrong thing.

Tile buying tips

Buy more than you need

Allow for cuts and waste by purchasing more tiles than you estimate. This not only ensures you have enough but also provides replacements for the future.

Choose high quality brands

Select top-tier brands for superior quality and a luxurious touch. Visit upscale suppliers like:

Topp Tiles – Old Shoreham Road

Master Tiles – Hollingbury, Old Shoreham Road

Baked Tiles – Online

London Tile Co – Southwick

Plan the sequence

Speak to your installer about the viability of your design before you make a purchase. There may be challenges to consider such as sizing problems, issues with corners and curved walls. Plan the sequence of installation to avoid complications.

And lastly, have fun!

Choosing the right tiles for your new bathroom is essential for both aesthetics and practicality.

Whether you’re drawn to a tranquil spa-inspired retreat, a sleek modern industrial vibe, or a coastal escape, it’s crucial to select tiles that align with your personal style.

Remember to plan ahead, with thoughtful consideration and attention to detail, you can create the prefect bathroom for you.